Schiffli Fabric

Schiffli lace, a type of embroidery, is made by modern machines, evolved from a hand version, using needles with points at each end. Several hundred needles are placed horizontally, often in two rows, one above the other. The fabric to be embroidered is held vertically…

A large, loomlike machine for embroidering textiles and working patterns in lace. the delicate work produced by such a machine, used on clothing, as lingerie and millinery, on furniture coverings, etc.

Various Design of Schiffi Fabric

Schiffli is a type of lace that is embroidered on using the Schiffli machine; thus giving the work the name ‘Schiffli embroidery’. The word ‘schiffli’ is derived from the Swiss dialect of the German language, where it means ‘little boat’, referring to the hull-like shape of the shuttle used to produce this type of lace. Schiffli embroidery is produced by the characteristic use of a special kind of machinery and a chemical bath of the embroidered fabric. 

There are many varieties that can be found in Schiffli embroidery, based on thread type, thread color, patterns, fabrics, and usage. This type of lace is pretty sturdy as it is machine created and is pre-treated chemically. Therefore there are no specific precautionary measures that need to be taken to maintain it well. Schiffli lace is generally durable and strong.

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